Frequently Asked Questions

  • As of May 13, 2019, the State of South Carolina will require all new and used automobile dealers to begin issuing “smart” Temporary Tags for all vehicle purchases where a new plate is being issued. At this time, dealers do not need to issue if the customer is transferring the plate, but it is recommended and may become mandatory as well. In order to issue temp tags, dealers will have to enroll in the SC EVR program.

  • The program allows motor vehicle dealers to electronically submit the title and registration information, along with IMF and registration fees, directly to the SCDMV. All documents will be mailed to the DMV’s Blythewood office for scanning and review.

  • Once you finalize the purchase with your customer, you will either import or input the essential data required to generate a temp tag into Premier EVR. The system will then receive a unique temp tag number which you will be able to print, along with your advertising, onto the blank temp tag stock to mount on the customer’s new vehicle. You will still have 45 days to submit the titling information in the EVR system and mail the packet to the DMV.

  • EVR and DMV fees are withdrawn from the dealer’s account via ACH and sent to the DMV by DDI Technology. You will no longer be able to wait to pay the IMF, it will be drafted from your account the night you finalize the transaction.

  • All dealers who sell motorized, non-IRP vehicles in the state of SC are required to participate. The SC Temp Tag program does not apply to “non-motorized” vehicles (i.e. trailers, campers).

  • Yes. Once a transaction has begun by producing a temp tag, the transaction must be finalized in the EVR system. You will not be able to walk the deal into the DMV office as there will already be a pending title in the system which the DMV cannot override.

  • The DMV will mail the tag and registration directly to the customer.

  • DDI Technology’s program is web-based and has no software to install, however, we do recommend Google Chrome web browser. The entire process of setting up your account and approval from the SC DMV could take up to 2 weeks to finalize. As the mandatory date grows closer, the setup times are expected to reach up to 4 weeks. You should submit your application and agreements as early as possible.

  • Trucks over 26,000lbs, non-motorized vehicles, wholesale vehicles, and antique vehicle transactions must still be walked into the DMV.

  • No, the SC DMV does not support a temp tag only process currently. You must complete the entire transaction and mail the documents to the DMV.

  • Yes, but only if canceled during the same business day and before 8:00 pm.

  • We are waiting on direction from the SC DMV on how EVR exempt transactions will be handled.

  • DDI currently integrates with various systems, contact support or sales for more information.

  • You will mail your completed deal jacket to:
    SC DMVAttn: Vehicle Compliance & Oversight
    PO Box 1498
    Blythewood, SC 29016-0055
    Ensure you have your cover sheet on each jacket and your Dealer Daily Totals report from Premier EVR.