Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will mail your completed deal jacket to:
    SC DMV
    Attn: Vehicle Compliance & Oversight
    PO Box 1498
    Blythewood, SC 29016-0055
    Ensure you have your cover sheet on each jacket and your Dealer Daily Totals report from Premier EVR.

  • The process is not changing for out of state customers. If they do not have a SC residence or DMV number from the SC DMV, you will issue a 30-day TP tag to the customer. These can be purchased from the DMV in advance.

  • SCADA is currently the only authorized distributor of blank temp tag stock for SC dealers. Temp tags are priced at $5 each and come in packs of 25 for $125. Shipping will be charged according to how many packs are ordered and to where they are being shipped. Tags can be ordered at or Additionally, if you are utilizing DDI Premier EVR, you can order through the system and DDI will have an automatic re-order function to ensure you do not run out of stock.

  • If you are ordering on the association website, you will be required to pay at the time of order via credit card. If you order on Premier EVR, DDI will deduct the order amount from your nightly ACH on that same day. Shipping charges will be added to your invoice as well.

  • Yes. The state statute allows the dealer to recoup the entire cost of the temp tag, including shipping and printing costs. Per the SC DMV, you should create an additional line item on your Bill of Sale named “Electronic Filing Fee” where you can include all costs associated, up to $55.00.

  • If you are NEW to the EVR program and have not processed EVR transactions with another provider, you must attend the SC DMV Titling Class and complete the EVR-8 form in order to use the system. In addition, DDI offers weekly training classes on how to utilize Premier EVR and you will be required to attend a training in order to receive your login credentials. You can sign up for training classes HERE.

  • Users who act as a title clerk and finalize transactions within the system.

  • The DMV is currently working on details of this process, however, DDI suggests always having several 30-day TP tags on hand so you can still deliver a vehicle even if the system is down.

  • Yes. You can reprint a temporary tag up to four times per VIN.

  • DDI provides a convenient link that will direct you to the SC DMV change of address website. Your process remains the same and supporting documents are still required when mailing your packet to the state.

  • SC DMV is responsible for mailing the hard plate directly to your customer upon completion of an EVR transactions. DDI provides this plate number assigned with Premier EVR.

  • Once you have signed up with DDI, you can upload your dealership logo to receive a customized temp tag. If you have a temp tag design you would like to use, you can forward it along with the logo for design. Click this link to request your customized temp tag:

  • No. Your logo will print on the temp tag at the issuance of the temp tag. You will use your laser printer to print the temp tag.

  • The DMV is extending their business hours to 11pm to accommodate all Dealer hours. No Sunday hours have been added at this time.

  • If the customer does not physically have the metal plate they wish to transfer at the time of the sale, the customer must receive a traceable temporary license plate with temporary registration to use until the customer receives the new registration for the plate transfer. After receiving the new registration showing the transferred plate number with the new vehicle information, the customer may put the existing metal license plate on the new vehicle. When purchasing a vehicle and transferring a plate, a temporary plate is optional. For those customers who want to transfer their existing plate to their new vehicle, and physically have the plate on site, the existing metal license plate may be put on their new vehicle. The customer must carry the bill of sale in the vehicle while waiting for the new registration card. The plate transfer information must be able to be queried by law enforcement. This means that the EVR Dealer is required to enter the plate transfer transaction in the EVR system, which is completing an Update 1, prior to the customer leaving the dealership. For Non-EVR Dealers, the plate transfer transaction must be completed at DMV prior to the customer leaving the dealership. Failure to complete the plate transfer transaction through either the EVR system or a DMV branch office may put the customer in jeopardy if stopped by law enforcement.

  • DDI Support is available for DDI customers Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 8:30 PM and Saturday 9-6. Please call 803-808-0117, opt. 2, email or chat LIVE with a representative by click the Live Chat function in the upper right hand corner of your Premier EVR screen.