Frequently Asked Questions

** Updated as of 8/26/2019

Glossary of terms:

EVR- electronic vehicle registration is the process of submitting titling data to the DMV through the internet

IMF- Infrastructure Maintenance Fee is paid at the time of vehicle purchase. The fee is 5% of the purchase price up to $500

SCDMV- the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

ACH- Automated Clearing House is a means of drafting payment electronically through the customer’s bank account. ACH happens daily if there are chargeable transactions on the customers account.

IRP- International Registration Plan authorizes commercial vehicles to proportionally register among jurisdictions. These are typically tractor trailers or large box trucks which haul freight.

DMS- Dealer Management System is the software dealers utilize to manage vehicle inventory, CRM, deals and other aspects of dealership management.

TP Tag- Transit Plate tags are 30-day tags which are purchased from the SC DMV for customers who plan to register their vehicle in a different state. These tags states should be used from all transactions where the vehicle will not be registered in South Carolina.